The tech behind Miyha

Tracking Apps and Wearables

We have three ways to measure two kinds of data. First we have measured data, which can be sleep, activity, nutrition, global health indicators. And second, harder to get but priceless : collected data, which are for example how you feel or what you think. See more about data privacy.

We already hear you say "why do you need all that, this is personal". Well, exactly, it's personal, unique and that's the reason why we need it ! Miyha is an artificial intelligence, constantly learning and building knowledge thanks to the data users give her. The more data she gets, the more she'll shine at detecting early signs of physical or psychological disorders.

We recommend you to come back often in this section to see news, articles, stories, business cases or details about what data Miyha can track, analyze and use to give you better feedback or health advices based on yourself.

Machine Learning

If you don't already know what machine learning is, here's a little explanation. Machine learning is a field of computer science that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Thanks to that technology, Miyha is able to track and analyze your personal data to give you extremely personalized advices, goals or activities to lead you to a better wellbeing and lifestyle.

Why are we so different than all existing solutions out there ? Easy peasy. Imagine a big team of reasearchers that work for years, testing a single theory at a time on people in laboratories and analyzing all the data they had to measure for years. Well, Miyha can do that. In a few weeks or even a few days, she's learning from data of all its users and trying multiple theories at a time meanwhile she's already planning simple objectives for every single user, all that based on their personal data. Barely unbelievable right ?

As the number of registered users is growing exponentially, we recommend you to come back often in this section to see news, articles, stories and business cases about what Miyha has done / is doing / will do to learn to know her a bit more.

Miyha, also for companies !

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